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4 Options for Skilled Nursing Services


Home health care agencies usually consist of home health aides who are there to assist you with the daily routines you find difficult to perform. There are also patients who need skilled nursing services and the assistance of specialists due to their condition. Here are some of their services:

  • Post-surgery Care
    Coming home from a surgery? If yes, then you need a post-surgery care. It helps lessen the pain you’re feeling in between the stitches, and makes your recovery done in a proper procedure. It allows you to feel better after weeks or months of recovery. It also helps your body return to its normal state without the wounds getting severe and infected.
  • Alzheimer’s Care
    Patients in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease will need the nurse’s supervision for proper care. It’s one way to prevent not so good situations from happening. Alzheimer’s care includes medication management, encouraging and improving the patients’ mood, and keeping their body healthy. Care providers also help patients with Alzheimer’s to live normally.
  • Wound care
    Whatever wounds you have, may it be wounds from a surgical procedure or a pressure wound, care and proper dressing is needed. It helps your wounds heal faster. If you prevent it from infections and keep a proper healthy diet, it keeps the wounds from getting severe. Wound care comes with medication management and meal preparation to sustain the patient’s nutritional needs.
  • IV infusion
    Only skilled and registered nurses have the knowledge to insert tubes into your veins without spilling and wasting some of your blood. IV infusion is used to let medicines and antibiotics pass into your veins for health improvement or anti-bacterial purposes. Patients who are bedridden or experiencing mobility issues usually take their medicines through IV infusion with the assistance of skilled nurses.

Every patient with severe health issues needs to have skilled nursing services for recovery. That’s why, at Home Health Preferred, LLC, we offer a Long Term Care in Aurora, Colorado for our patients who need our utmost care and support. Aside from that, we also provide Skilled Nursing in Colorado. If you need help from us, visit us at 1450 S Havana Street, Suite 304, Aurora, CO 80012.

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