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Foot Care Reminders for Diabetic Loved Ones

Foot Care Reminders for Diabetic Loved Ones

When your aging family member is diagnosed with diabetes in their advanced years, you will have to oversee a lot of aspects in their health. One of these is their feet. Diabetes can affect the way blood flows to the lower extremities since it damages the nerves. As a result of this, wounds may take time to heal or injuries may easily occur in these parts.

As a key provider of skilled nursing in Denver, Colorado, let us recommend for you to always seek professional help to better care for your loved one’s health needs at home. However, there are still many things you can assist your diabetic loved one with and here are some of them.

  • Foot washing
    Wash their feet daily using mild soap along with warm water. This can help you monitor if their feet are not having any problems. When drying their feet, pat-dry and do not rub as this can irritate the senior skin. Don’t forget to also apply lotion on their skin to keep it moisturized.
  • Foot check
    Checking on your loved one’s foot every day should be a habit. When you’re not available to do it daily, a skilled care provider of long term care in Denver, Colorado can assist your aging loved one at home. This is especially necessary when your beloved can no longer bend forward or sideward to check on their legs.
  • Look out for cracks
    The skin can also crack especially that the aging years are prone to dryness. Look out for these kinds of occurrences, especially for other sores. These skin conditions can start out small and minor, but when left unattended, can result in more complications for your loved one’s health.
  • Care for the nails
    The toenails of your aging loved one can also cause them injury when not trimmed properly. You would not risk even a small cut when your loved one has diabetes. The ideal time to trim their toenails is right after they take a bath as the nails are soft at this time. Also, remember not to cut the cuticles as you can risk creating a wound.
  • Care in exercising
    Regular exercises and workouts are important for diabetic patients. However, ensure that your loved one is wearing comfortable shoes as the movements can cause blisters when they’re putting on the right footwear.
  • Wear foot protection
    It’s also ideal for your loved one to always protect their foot whether they’re indoors or outdoors. Put on socks and the right fit of shoes so that they can be protected from weather elements, which can also be harmful to their foot health.

When foot problems do occur and you need to contact their physician, do so right away. When your aging loved one with diabetes will need 24 hour care, remember that you can always tap for our assistance at Home Health Preferred, LLC. Feel free to contact us about our services and we’ll reply to your queries.

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