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Fun and Safe Games and Activities for Your Senior Loved Ones


Being in their late years, seniors can often tend to be bored, as their daily lives are no longer as busy as they used to be. Of course, having retired from their jobs and responsibilities as parents, they will have a lot of time in their hands—this much of a free time not spent doing anything can often lead to time ruminating about the past and getting depressed on their current state of life.

Whether it be at a retirement home, or even right in their own homes under the 24-hour care of a care provider, your elderly loved ones can get bored, or even depressed. That is why it is important to keep them busy with various activities throughout their day. With that, here is a list of a few activities which are fun—and safe—for your senior loved ones to do:

  • Art and Crafts

    Art is a great way for seniors to express themselves while taking the time to create their masterpieces. Some may prefer to sculpt, others may paint, and a few may even want to create crafts such as bracelets and dreamcatchers. The important thing is for them to enjoy what they’re doing while creating a result which will also please them.

  • Board Games

    Besides BINGO night, board games can be an entertaining way to pass the time and to allow for casual conversation. Board games can also be easily brought anywhere, so whether your senior loved ones would visit a friend’s house, or even simply play against their live-in companions, a good game of Snakes n’ Ladders, Clue, Scrabble, or even Chess would be a great activity.

  • Wii Sports

    As outdoor sports can be a tad too dangerous for your senior loved ones, why not let them play the Wii? Wii Sports offers multiple realistic sports games for your elderly loved ones to play. The best part is that they get to move their bodies in line with the sport they’re playing, allowing for fun and exercise.

  • Clubs

    Seniors like to spend time with people whom they can talk to while sharing similar hobbies or interests, so having them sign up to clubs in line with their interests is a great idea for them to spend their time. From book clubs, walking clubs, or even gardening clubs, your elderly loved ones will find themselves engaged, entertained, and busy.

If you are unable to be around all the time to keep your elderly loved one’s company, don’t worry. You can employ the services of a companion who will not only be willing to talk to and play with your senior loved ones, but will also make sure that they are receiving the proper care and support.

At Home Health Preferred, LLC, we offer live-in care, personal in-home care, companionship services, and even skilled nursing in Denver, Colorado. So whether you are looking for a 24-hour care companion who will not only assist your senior loved ones, but will also be their friend, or a skilled nurse to support them in their medical needs, we got you covered. We are a team of care providers who strive to give quality long term care in Denver, Colorado.

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