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Quality Care and Support within the Bounds of One’s Own Home

When our loved ones enter their late golden years, we may start to think of letting them take place at a retirement home or a shared residential facility. We think that this would be the right thing to do, as … Continue reading

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Looking After a Family Member Who Needs Mobility Care

When your older adults can no longer walk without tripping or falling over, your first step will be to provide them with mobility aids such as a wheelchair or a walker. Either device is intended to assist walking or, otherwise, … Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Happy and Satisfying Retirement

When you opt to leave your job after many years of service, be prepared to start a whole new journey of your retirement. Retirement can be exciting: you get to see your family and friends more often. You can spend … Continue reading

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Cardiac Arrest 101: Helping Someone Who is Experiencing a Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest refers to an abrupt cessation of the function of one’s heart. This happens when a person’s heart stops pumping blood causing the victim to stop breathing and lose consciousness. This health issue (cardiac arrest) is prevalent in the … Continue reading

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Life Hack: All You Need to Know About CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a life-saving and emergency procedure. It is often used when an individual stops breathing or someone’s blood flow halts. Through this procedure, you can promptly respond to any emergency and help save numerous lives. Hence, … Continue reading

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