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How Seniors Can Maintain Their Independence at Home

How Seniors Can Maintain Their Independence at Home

Medications are prescribed to help treat your symptoms. But if you do not take them correctly, they might make your health worse. Here are tips to ensuring safe intake of your medications:

  • Prepare an updated list of medicines

    Write down all of the medicines that you are taking, including supplements. The list must include all pertinent information about your medicines such as their names, what they are for, the dosages, and the intake schedules.

  • Follow the instructions for taking your meds

    Each medicine has a specific manner as to how to take it. Read the label to know the instructions on how to take your medicine and follow them. Your doctor or a provider of long term care in Denver, Colorado can also provide you with the necessary assistance about your medication intake.

  • Store medicines properly

    How medicines are stored can affect their effectiveness in treating symptoms. To maintain their effectiveness, make sure that you store your meds properly. Follow the directions for storage as written on the labels. In most cases, you will have to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Remind yourself to take your medications on time

    There is a right time to take your medicines like before or after every meal. You have to make sure that you do not forget to take them at the right time.

    Find ways to remind yourself about your medications and follow the intake schedules. You can use pillboxes, alarms, or reminder apps. If you have hired a 24 hour care provider, they can help remind you about your medication schedules.

  • Do not take your meds with alcohol

    Most medicines do not mix well with alcohol. Doing so may even make you sick. Ideally, you should drink water alongside your meds. You might want to ask your doctor about other alternatives like juice, coffee, or tea.

  • Check the expiration dates

    Know the expiration dates of the medicines by reading the label. Avoid taking meds that are already past their expiration dates. Dispose of them immediately and properly.

  • Do not stop taking your prescriptions until the doctor says so

    Your doctor has created a treatment plan for a certain period of time. Make sure that you continue to take your prescriptions until your doctor says otherwise.

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