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Important Tips to Prevent Falls at Home

Important Tips to Prevent Falls at Home

Regrettably, falls are the topmost cause of injuries in seniors at home. Such an incident is either caused by slippery floors, loose carpets, cluttered items, or physical condition that hampers proper movement. It can lead to serious or permanent injuries, which we don’t want to happen to our elder loved ones. In some cases, seniors may require home healthcare services as a solution to safety assurance and care with the daily living situation at home, especially for those with health challenges. Moreover, the good thing is, falls can be prevented.

Fall prevention starts by creating a safe living space. Interestingly, it doesn’t necessitate a complete house alteration. Some helpful tips to prevent falls at home are:

  • Keep important things easy to reach.

    It is important to keep medicines and other frequently used items within reach. For elders, navigating around the home may be challenging or risky. When assistance is required, skilled nursing in Colorado can provide help.

  • Remove the clutters and tripping hazards.

    An organized home is not only aesthetic, but it also provides safety. It is extremely helpful to keep clutters away and elude potential tripping hazards such as loose carpets, tangled electric cords, and slippery floors.

  • Ensure sufficient home lighting.

    It is difficult to recognize hazards with inadequate lighting. That is especially true for adults with eye problems. Installing sufficient lighting, especially in stairways and hallways can be of great help.

With our highly-skilled and dedicated professionals, Home Health Preferred, LLC, a Home Health Care in Aurora, Colorado is your best partner in ensuring the safety of your elder loved ones within the comforts and security of your own homes.

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