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Key Essentials in Keeping Your Aging Loved One Safe at Home

Key-Essentials-in-Keeping-You- Aging-Loved-One-Safe-at-Home

As you continue to care for your aging family member with you at home, consider the following essentials that we have gathered based on our lengthy experience in providing long term care in Denver, Colorado.

  • Set up fall-proof measures

    Elderly individuals can easily fall. This is due to their limited strength, agility, and even vision. They can also easily be affected by side effects of medications, hence, the older their age increases, the higher their risk for falls. You can install grab bars or handrails on the walls of your home, especially along the doorways and inside the bathrooms. This can keep them balanced and steady. Additionally, put non-skid mats on slippery floors to prevent them from slipping unexpectedly.

  • Secure the lighting

    While a care provider giving skilled nursing in Denver, Colorado can also assist your loved one as they walk about at home, it will be helpful if you can promote your senior loved one’s independence as much as possible. You can let them walk around the house, with minor assistance. Just make sure that they can see where they’re going as their sight can be challenged in the advancing years. Ensure that there is proper lighting in the hallways, their bedrooms, and other areas at home that they frequently go to.

  • Secure the smoke alarms

    You would not want for fires to occur at home but these accidents can happen. It’s best for you to install safety and preventive measures such as putting smoke alarms. These can alert all those who are inside whenever fire accidents are about to happen so they can go outside for safety. Make sure that your smoke alarms are always active and working. Make it a habit to check your alarm systems if they’re working well.

  • Protect from spills

    When your senior loved one is in the kitchen, keep them safe from hot spills by positioning the pot handles away from the pathway. This is a simple step to prevent it from being accidentally moved. For safer cooking options, especially if your senior loved one will still want to prepare their own meals, let them use microwave ovens instead.

  • Set their medicines right

    Your loved one’s medication can both be good or harmful to them, especially if no one is checking on them regularly. With someone providing 24 hour care, they can take their medicine on time and with the right dosage, thus attaining the main purpose of the medication. When they’re being constantly assisted with, your loved one can also stay away from instances of over-dosage or medication non-adherence.

Many seniors will prefer to stay at home in their aging years. At Home Health Preferred, LLC, we say that your loved one can now enjoy their advancing years. We have skilled care providers who will gladly assist your loved one and their care needs at the comfort of your home.

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