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Meeting Care Needs Through Skilled Nursing

Meeting Care Needs Through Skilled Nursing

With the increasing number of sick, disabled, and elderly individuals reaching the retirement years, the demands of primary care have also increased considerably. Here at Home Health Preferred, LLC, we address the growing and complex health care needs of every individual by providing in-home skilled nursing in Colorado. We deliver high-quality care in the comfort of home to promote independence and convenience.

Skilled nursing is high-level medical care only provided by licensed healthcare professionals. These professionals are commonly composed of registered nurses and may also include physical, occupational, and speech therapists. As a provider of home health care in Aurora, Colorado, we have highly-skilled and knowledgeable health professionals who facilitate care at the highest level of technical expertise, competence, and compassion. Services under our skilled nursing care include the following:

  • Wound Care – Proper wound care treatment can help prevent infections and complications. More than that, it fosters faster healing and helps ease the pain away.
  • Medication Administration – Obtain maximum results by ensuring timely refills for prescriptions. Aside from that, properly manage medication to make sure patients take the right medicine at the right time.
  • IV Infusion and Therapy – Nurses administer intravenous therapy for fluid volume replacement, delivering medications, and blood transfusions.
  • Alzheimer’s CarePatients with Alzheimer’s receive constant professional care throughout the progression of the disease to lessen the burden for the families.

Our skilled nursing services also include pain management, vital stats monitoring, post-surgery care, and wound care diabetes management. These services enable individuals to receive highly effective medical treatment while remaining as independent and comfortable in their own homes.

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