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The Different Stages of Alzheimer’s

The Different Stages of Alzheimer’s

Researchers have summed up Alzheimer’s disease into three stages: mild (early stage), moderate (middle stage), and severe (late stage).

  1. Early-Stage Alzheimer’s

    Patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s may still have the ability to function independently. However, close friends and family members may start to notice little changes, including trouble coming up with the right words or experiencing challenges in performing tasks that were once easy for them to finish.

    This stage is often misdiagnosed due to its symptoms being commonly attributed to chronic stress and depression by most home healthcare services.

  2. Middle-Stage Alzheimer’s

    This is the longest period of the disease and possibly the most challenging for both the patient and the family to cope with. During this stage, the disorders’ symptoms are more prominent, but the patient may not require all-around Skilled Nursing in Colorado.

    Its symptoms may include the following:

    • Increased memory loss and confusion
    • Trouble recognizing family and friends
    • Lack of concern for hygiene and appearance
    • Depression, anxiety, and irritability
    • Wandering or forgetting where they are and why they are there
  3. Late-Stage Alzheimer’s

    This stage requires in-depth medical care, like the type we at Home Health Preferred, LLC – your trusted provider of Home Health Care in Aurora, Colorado – offers. Our round-the-clock services are tailor-fit to the specific needs of your loved ones.

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