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Top 5 Home Modifications for Family Members on Wheelchairs


Being on a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you’re no longer able to do what you want to do. With assistance from skilled nursing in Denver, Colorado, your family member can still enjoy their independence in performing certain activities at home. You can help them live this new way of life when you implement modifications at home that accommodate the needs of people on wheelchairs.

To assist your wheelchair-bound loved one at home, implement the following home modifications for safety and convenience:

  1. Ramps at entrances

    Instead of the usual stairs, put up ramps at the entrances of your home. Ramps make it possible for wheelchairs to move in smoothly. When your loved one is on a wheelchair, they will not be disturbed at the possibility of being lifted from their seat and transferred inside. When there are ramps at entrances, your loved one can easily go in and out of your home without a hassle.

  2. Widened hallways

    If your home used to have narrow spaces, or the pathways filled with cabinets and furniture, make these spaces free of any obstacles. Transfer whatever needs to be transferred from the hallways so that the wheelchair can easily travel along. When your loved one needs to go to the kitchen or their room, they can be smoothly moved about without much disruption.

  3. Safe showers

    As hygiene is essential for our health, your family member also needs to take their regular baths. Ensure that your bathrooms are safe for loved ones with mobility challenges. Convert it to a roll-in bathroom or widen the space to accommodate your loved one and their wheeled equipment. Don’t forget to install grab bars on the walls so they can have something to hold on to whenever they need to stand or transfer from the wheelchair.

  4. Raised toilets

    Relieving oneself is very necessary. Even people on wheelchairs can manage to do this if the toilets are positioned in such a way that they don’t need to make unsafe movements. Installing raised toilets would be an ideal modification if you have loved ones on wheelchairs. If you’re the one caring for your loved one, and you have an errand to do for a day, there are 24 hour care services that can assist your family member in crucial personal care activities.

  5. Reachable sinks and counters

    Having sinks and counters that can be easily reached to provide pure convenience for people on wheelchairs are necessary things to have. They will not have a problem washing their hands or eating. If they want to prepare meals, they can still do so if the kitchen counters are low enough for them to use. If these parts of the house are beyond their reach, you’ll do a great service if you make these reachable for your loved one.

Do you need extra hands in attending to your wheelchair-bound family member every day? Our experienced team at Home Health Preferred, LLC can provide these services for you. Contact us anytime so we can discuss how we can be of help to your loved one.

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