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What Happens When the Elderly Does Not Get Enough Nutrition


The stress brought about by aging could be more serious than what we have imagined. Their nutritional needs are not just limited to have three meals in a day. For some older adults, they would need to have supplements to cater nutrient deficiencies. Moreover, the fact that seniors are living on their own, they would not be able to get the adequate amount of food that their body needs.

With this serious health issue concerning our seniors, their meals should not be compromised. Meal preparation assistance is included in our services for Skilled Nursing in Colorado, the Home Health Preferred, LLC.
To further discuss the causes of malnutrition, here are some of the common reasons of nutrient deficiency among seniors that you need to be wary of:

  • inability to prepare and cook their own meals
  • change of taste buds due to medication
  • restricted movement of mouth and difficulty in swallowing
  • lack of budget for nutritious food

What is the most evident symptom of malnutrition?

  • Lack of Energy

    When your loved one seems to be a little weak and tired lately, it could be a sign that they are not receiving adequate nutrition. It could also affect their mood throughout the day.

    Lack of energy could also mean getting sick often, getting bruised skin and slow healing wound. With this, it could lead to infection or develop into a disease.

  • How Can we prevent malnutrition?

    The best way to prevent malnutrition is to choose the healthy way. As caregivers, you could work together with the family to decide what food to prepare for the senior. You can choose to cook healthy meals that could address the nutrients needed by the patient.

    You should also encourage your patient to drink a generous amount of water daily and discourage from drinking alcohol or too many sugary beverages.

    Be smart when it comes to feeding your senior loved ones. You can look for recipes on how to make healthy meals appealing to them, or better yet avail of our meal preparation services wherein your senior adults get structured meals that will cater to their needs.

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