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5 Services Offered in a Home Health Care


There is nothing like home. Wherever you are, you will always look for the comfort your home makes you feel. That is why, when elders are sick, they prefer staying at home over hospitals and care facilities. For this reason, home health care is created to provide professional care to people who want to receive care at home. In a home health care, these are some of the services offered:

  • Skilled Nursing

    Nursing services are likely for those who have been discharged from hospitals and still require monitoring by a trained professional to assist the patient and help them get back to their daily routine. A skilled nurse can assist you with the following:

    • wound care
    • pain management
    • vitals sign monitoring
    • post-surgery care
    • medication reminders
  • Personal Living Services
    Seniors cannot do their daily living task like they used to. Their bodies do not function the way it did. That is why an elder’s mobility and range of motion are already limited. With the help of home health care, you will no longer be worried about your loved one’s personal needs. May it be bathing, grooming, dressing or eating; home health care can assist your loved one with it.
  • Alzheimer’s Management
    Having a loved one who is living with Alzheimer’s disease can be both physically and emotionally tough. If you think you can no longer handle or take care of your loved one, home health care offers Alzheimer’s management service. In this service, daily living assistance and behavior management are provided. To ensure your loved one is receiving the care they deserve, contact a home health care provider now.
  • Transportation Needs
    Elders have little leg strength and the majority cannot drive themselves any longer. That is why seniors need assistance when going out especially for doctor’s appointments or errands. For this reason, home health care offers a service pertaining to transportation needs to ensure your loved one’s safety.
  • Hospice Support
    If you or your loved ones are diagnosed with a terminal illness, hospice provides you a chance to live comfortably by alleviating pain and distress from your symptoms. Hospice support does not end when the patient passes away. It continues to provide support to the family members and friends of the deceased who are coping with grief by providing emotional and spiritual support.

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