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How Many Times Should an Elderly Person Eat in a Day?


Making sure that their elderly clients are eating well, and eating right, is one of the mandates observed by home healthcare services.

With their health being so delicate, the elderly need to observe the right diet for their age. As meal planning is part of a caregiver’s job, it’s important that they know what an elderly needs to eat, how much they need to eat, and how many times a day should they have a meal.

First off, elders need to eat as much as younger people and as often as younger people do. This means that caregivers in home health care in Aurora, Colorado should plan for three meals for their elderly patients. It would also be good if they put in some small snacks in between as well.

When planning meals for the elderly, it’s important to watch the sodium and sugar content of what you serve your patients. One should consume only at most 30 grams of sugar per day, and only 2.4 grams of salt or sodium in a single day as well.

Of course, it’s also important that your patient’s meals are nutritionally balanced. You can consult a nutritionist when planning, if you’re unsure how to proceed.

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